Yek Rooze Khoob Miyad (A Good Day Will Come)

Festival Year:
Director: Amir Zargara
Producer: Amir Zargara, Iman Tahsin
Screenwriter: Amir Zargara

Logline: Arash is a professional wrestler with dreams of representing his country and winning gold medals. The country is in turmoil and its people are suffering. Arash must decide between using his platform to stand up to tyranny, or put his head down and remain silent.

Director Statement
“A Good Day Will Come” was inspired by the tragic story of Navid Afkari, an Iranian wrestler unjustly executed in 2020, during a time of widespread unrest and human rights abuses in Iran. My personal journey mirrors Navid’s in many ways. Born hours apart, our paths diverged when I moved to Canada, gaining the freedom to express myself—a stark contrast to the oppressive environment back home, where filmmakers risk imprisonment for challenging the status quo.

I recognize my privilege living in a free society and feel a deep responsibility to use my voice for those who can’t. I see this project as my duty, akin to the mandatory military service in Iran; it’s my way of serving my country from afar. Initially a direct narrative about Navid, the film evolved to reflect the broader societal challenges faced by Iranians, encapsulating their struggles and resilience.

The resurgence of protests following Mahsa Amini’s death reaffirms the global yearning for justice and dignity—themes at the heart of our film. Having lived half of my life in each country, I am compelled to bridge these worlds and amplify these suppressed voices.

Through this film, I aim to shed light on the endurance and spirit of the Iranian people, fostering empathy and understanding across global audiences. “A Good Day Will Come” strives to distinguish between the Iranian government and its people, advocating for human rights and unity through storytelling.