Watch With The Weary Ones “با خستگان نگه کن”

Festival Year:
Director: Sina Ahmadkhani
Producer: Sina Ahmadkhani
Screenwriter: Sina Ahmadkhani

In my film, I wanted to explore the American urban landscape, intending to juxtapose its facades with my inner feelings and introspection. As an Iranian navigating the assimilation into a new culture, I’m in a constant decision of what to farewell or preserve in my cultural identity. This endeavor delves into a state of mixed feelings wherein I grapple with the burden of sorrow and responsibility– contemplating my suffering and the collective anguish that emerged from recent events, such as the Iranian movement of 2022 – Jin, Jiyan, Azadi – which took the lives of many young.
Central to this exploration is the function of landscape, which embodies a dichotomy of madness and serenity—a metaphorical tunnel of the uncertainty of my path ahead, since one loses the perception of self in it.