The Guard

Festival Year:
Director: Amirhossein Shojaei
Producer: Hossein Akbari
Screenwriter: Amirhossein Shojaei

A guard who does not guard won’t take any action and won’t put himself in danger if there’s a threat. He wanders and seeks an opportunity for himself in the darkness of the night.

The idea of making this film is influenced by years of living in a situation that is extremely sad for any human being. Imagine that every day, in a continuous way, your body and mind would be damaged, until finally you are on the verge of a complete collapse. And at the very moment of collapse, out of desperation and hope, you seek refuge in someone whom you may not know well, however, this choice seems to be the most logical decision at that moment. We take shelter with our eyes closed, but a stronger blow and a deeper wound await us.
This is the starting point and the formation of the initial idea of the film for me. The film is from the view point of a security guard who, according to conventional expectations, has to prevent and report potential dangers but closes his eyes to what is happening. A guard who does not seek to improve the situation does not risk putting himself in danger and in the meantime, looks for an opportunity for himself.
A guard that we trust in the worst situation, hoping that he would be a refuge for us.
The main issue I want to present is the dead-end in which we are caught. A dead-end which we do not see an escape route for and seems that it would blind any window of hope.