The Appointment

Festival Year:
Director: Maryam Ataei
Producer: Maryam Ataei
Screenwriter: Maryam Ataei

Every day Iranian women face competing and contradictory cultural pressures. On the one hand are the Islamic exhortations on modesty, interpreted by conversative forces in Iran to mean veiling. And on the other hand, Western conceptions of beauty often emphasize impossible, photoshopped looks. Persian characteristics like thick eyebrows and larger noses have become anathema to both the supposedly conservative and liberal elements of society. Not only are Persian conceptions of beauty being lost, but the uniqueness of Persian identity is threatened.
The Appointment is about a young woman who is pressured by her family to get plastic surgery. We made the film to explore the life of a young, modern Tehrani who must confront societal pressures to stay true to her own self.