Stockholm Syndrome

Festival Year:
Director: Saeed Houshyar
Producer: Ehsan Zellipour
Screenwriter: Saeed Houshyar

“Reza and Nazi have liquidated their assets into dollars to begin a new life in Canada, leaving Iran behind. On their final night in Iran, they visit Reza’s mother, Rana, who is married to Shahrokh, a compulsive gambler. Despite Shahrokh’s destructive habit, Rana remains devoted to him, illustrating a form of Stockholm Syndrome. The evening takes a dramatic turn when Farhad, Shahrokh’s friend, arrives with the police to arrest Rana over a bounced check issued to settle Shahrokh’s poker debt to Farhad. Amidst the chaos, Reza intervenes, pleading with the police not to detain his mother, offering Farhad all the dollars they had saved for their new life. However, a shocking revelation unfolds later: Shahrokh and Farhad orchestrated the entire incident to manipulate Reza into giving them the money. This deceit challenges Reza’s trust and exposes the complex dynamics within the family.”

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