Still Memories: Mirror and Snow

Festival Year:
Director: Amin Nadi
Producer: Amin Nadi
Screenwriter: Amin Nadi

The imagery of ruins and decay and the feeling of emerging nostalgia speak about many things, but one key concern stands out: what will happen to us? This work seeks to contrast the notion of mortality with the desire for eternity and immortality. In the face of an ever-growing human desire for progress and modernization that discards the past, we may become a victim of our own doing.

As large places of human habitat, cities become overlaid by memories over time. Urban structures are portals to the past. This project also puts forth an understanding that today will become history in the future. Therefore, what will remain of us?
“The ruined building is a remnant of, and portal into, the past; its decay is a concrete reminder of the passage of time… At the same time, the ruin cast us forward in time; it predicts a future in which our present will slump into similar disrepair or fall victim to some unforeseeable calamity” (Brian Dillon)