Sleeping Sky

Festival Year:
Director: Zahra Sadeghi
Producer: Zahra Sadeghi
Screenwriter: Zahra Sadeghi

“Sleeping Sky” is a short story-based movie set in present-day Iran. It explores themes of hope, strength, and shattered trust during times of protests. The main character, Sara, is a young woman who flees from danger amidst Iran’s unrest, seeking refuge in the home of Farah and her son Amir, a soldier dealing with his own problems. However, this supposed safe haven takes an unexpected turn, unveiling secrets and betrayals in a gripping narrative that underscores the power of hope and determination.
In addition to exploring themes of hope, strength, and trust during times of protests, “Sleeping Sky” delves into the complex relationships among the characters. The film portrays how human interactions can shift and evolve when confronted with difficult circumstances and how trust can be tested in times of crisis.
Our vision for the film is to make a beautiful movie that connects with people’s emotions. We want to show how people can connect even during protests. Using suspense and strong images, we want to take viewers into the middle of a changing society.
We will make the movie with a well-written script, real performances, and excellent camera work. We want to show the characters’ journeys and create a meaningful story about people going through personal and political problems. Our goal is to encourage viewers to think about the strength of the human spirit.
More important things to know about the movie include the careful attention we gave to Iran’s culture and history. “Sleeping Sky” is a touching look at how personal stories fit into the larger picture of political protests. The movie asks viewers to think about how fate and choice are connected.

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