Festival Year:
Director: Benyamin Hakimi
Producer: Farnaz Ohadi, Benyamin Hakimi
Screenwriter: Benyamin Hakimi, Farnaz Ohadi

Based on the poem of beloved Persian polymath, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and poet of 11th centure, Omar Khayam, the video is the backdrop for the song “Sharab” from Farnaz Ohadi’s Persian Flamenco debut album: “Bird Dance”.

Playfully soulful, the song calls the listener to not dwell on the past, to view the present as a gift and not fret the future. In her uniquely innovative genre, Persian Flamenco, Farnaz Ohadi’s her vision for combining Flamenco rhythms with Persian poetry comes to life in this charming mix of both Iranian and Andalusian imagery and colours.

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