Säye Skye – ADHD: The VR Experience

Festival Year:
Director: Sina Dolati
Producer: Säye Skye
Screenwriter: Sina Dolati, Säye Skye

The project can be viewed on a computer browser by clicking and dragging across the screen with a mouse or touchpad, as well as the YouTube smartphone app by physically moving your phone around to view different angles of the video.

“ADHD: The VR Experience” is the official music film for the track “ADHD” by Iranian-Canadian artist Säye Skye, from Toronto, Canada. The immersive 360 storytelling format simulates what it’s like to live with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), while lending itself to the song’s danceable beats and making it a cohesive experience for both Farsi and English speaking audiences.

The song’s lyrics explore topics of ADHD and mental health, which have often gone untouched in Iranian popular media. The video makes use of a variety of set pieces and aesthetics that seamlessly blend its storytelling with the 360 medium, bringing us in and out of reality throughout. A sequence in the video features Säye appearing inside forgotten cartoons of the “Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults” (کانون پرورش فکری کودک و نوجوان), which made a major cultural impact in children’s entertainment of 1970s Iran. Some of the featured artists include Abbas Kiarostami, Ali Akbar Sadeghi, and Noureddin Zarrinkelk.

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