Rise (2023)

Festival Year:
Director: Anonymous director under alias SHIRZAN
Producer: Joseph Ogunmokun, Becky Bishop, Nazanin Alakija
Screenwriter: Anonymous director under alias SHIRZAN

Rise captures the #WomanLifeFreedom movement and the resilience of Iranian women. It features one of the most famous feminist poems of all time, Dr Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’.

The British Iranian Director who goes by the anonymous alias “SHIRZAN” worked alongside young people who had physical altercations with the ‘morality’ police to bring to life the spirit of this female led movement.

Inspired by real life accounts, we see Niloo, a teenage girl resisting the patriarchal ‘morality police’ who kidnap her from the streets of Tehran.

The violence of Iran’s morality police which ignited the revolutionary movement of Iranian women has been depicted filmically for the very first time.