Patterned Power

Festival Year:
Director: Mehran Aghazadeh
Producer: Mehran Aghazadeh
Screenwriter: Mehran Aghazadeh

The occurrence of the geometric design language in traditional Persian art and culture reveals the very close relationship between geometry, mathematics, and both religion and political power. Geometric design shapes the social beliefs of people. The magnificence of Persian art is supported by the apparent irreproducibility of its shapes. This complexity of patterns and non-transparency of the geometrical rules between the pattern’s shapes serves the will of power: to give a mystical and religious authority to the patterns which traditionally are applied to religious relics and government artifacts. This is the visual language of theocracy.
Continuing my previous investigations of traditional patterns, in this video, I show them as barriers to be removed for seeing the open world. Eight layers of black paper, each featuring elaborate laser-cut patterns, are torn up. A green paper is placed underneath and it is used for chromakeying. I create different versions by applying different videos to the green screen; moving clouds in the sky and a starry night sky both represent some sense of freedom and truth – a truth that is not covered by religious power anymore. However, in the end, the same hands that tore the patterns also tear the video layer of the sky, and it reverses to darkness. It is not easy to get rid of patterned power, it affects us subconsciously.