Festival Year:
Director: Katrin Fallah
Producer: Katrin Fallah
Screenwriter: Katrin Fallah

Paradox reflects on Compulsory veil and challenges that women have in Iran. These restrictions come from political, social, cultural or religious rules after revolution.
Compulsory veil is one of the aspects of paradox in the life of people in Iran. Since woman do not have freedom to choose how to dress up in society, they encounter lots of paradoxes in their daily life. They should cover their hair in public and it is illegal for them to wear clothes that show up their figures. However, they act quite differently in their private gathering and inside homes. In the video a typical daily life of a woman is being depicted to show that mandatory veil is one aspect of gender discrimination which causes pressure and dilemma in the collective and individual behaviors
The video is ironically emphasizing on the point that women should be free to choose how to dress up without being worried of any force or any judgement.
The dominant colors in the video are red, green and white, to symbolize Iran’s flag.