Festival Year:
Director: payam ghorbani
Producer: parisa vahedi
Screenwriter: payam ghorbani

You may define work environment in a few words: love, jealousy, hatred, vengeance and peace (within)
Whole idea:
The contradiction lies between humanbeings\’ traits and the details in space. A house with humans who have the appearance and body of a child. Every individual\’s childish games have real bad extrinsic effects.
A lover who aims to revenge his beloved for betrayal, costumes himself like an adult killer! Killer, with bare hand, starts shooting at housemates in his dreams!
After revenge, he releases his revenge and becomes an innocent child again!
Lover\’s sitting in the frame stands for lover\’s love together with jealousy and feeling for possession.
And coming out of the other frame stands for getting over one\’s love and falling into other\’s love.
Apple is the sign for life! But it sppears as a destructive creature!
Horse, as a respectable and powerful creature, appears as one with no identity this time!
The horse riding girl and cat could be called beautiful devil!
The colourful strips stand for each individual\’s trait. When one dies, the traits are gone and therefore the person is like an empty money-box.