Morgh-e Sahar

Festival Year:
Director: Shayandokht Abedinimanesh( Director, Vocal) Sahar Abbasi ( Harp), Fardin Lahourpour ( Arrangement)
Producer: Shayandokht Abedinimanesh
Screenwriter: Shayandokht Abedinimanesh

Morgh-e Sahar can be derived from Persian mystical Bird SIMORGH in Shahnameh Ferdowsi (Epic of Kings) which leads every Persian people to prosperity and knowledge and also covered Iran’s by the rays of peace.

This music video is directed by the singer to animation from the mentor Nouredin Zarrinkelk illustration Zal-o Simorgh.

It is necessary to mention that the animator of this art work from Iran refuse to announce his name because of Islamic Republic of Iran’s mandate to boycott Persian Women to sing. However, in this time of the history Iranian ladies are pioneered for a great historical movement to amplify their words which were kept for decades in their chest via their Persian deep culture, traditions, arts and their writings!

In this art work MORGH-e Sahar is performed in duet form for Vocal and Harp which shows the friendship and binding between Eastern music and Western music. This new aspect of simplicity is very suitable for the young age to listen and get familiar with this national well-know music piece that is converted to Persian Anthem for Iranian people in their gathering for more unity these days.

May all children live in peace and make our world better place. Javid Iran!
Shayandokht Abedinimanesh dedicated Morgh-e Sahar to “All Iranian Children”.

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