Hezar Ganj

Festival Year:
Director: Pouria Nouri
Producer: Seema Sardarzehi
Screenwriter: Sayad Zahoorsha Hashimi

“Hazar Ganj” is a tribute to Seyyed Zahor Shah Hashemi, a famous Baloch writer and poet, and his valuable services for the Baloch language and literature, and carries a universal message that after splitting the hard and high rocks, in order to reach collective awareness and establish peace, Friendship and the journey towards liberation ,lead mankind to conquer the peaks of felicity or the destination of “Hazarganj”.
“Hazarganj” project is based on a compilation of Seyyed Zahor_shah Hashemi’s poetry, composed and arranged by Mohammad Ali Delnawaz, with the sculpture ofMr. Hasan Yadgarzadeh, a Baloch sculptor, with the creation of two statues and two new works in the form of statue and full-length of Seyed Zahor_shah Hashemi’s character, with the preparation directed by Sima Sardarzahi and directed by Pouria Nouri, it has been produced in the geography of Balochistan.
In “Hazarganj”, for the first time, the new and brilliant voice of “Mahkan” Baloch is introduced to the music community of Balochistan and Iran.
the diligent presence of “Mahkan” in Balochistan music is promising.