Festival Year:
Director: Nomadic Alternative, Farnaz Ohadi
Producer: Nomadic Alternative, Farnaz Ohadi
Screenwriter: Xochitle Leal

The video is the backdrop for the song “Hesar” from Farnaz Ohadi’s Persian Flamenco debut album. It focuses on themes of Iranian women’s struggles, immigration, mental health and the artist’s journey when she arrived in Canada in 1990. The movie traces the journey of the artist from her home land, Iran to Canada, the angst and confusion and pain of immigration and finally choosing to put down roots in a new land.

Translation of the chorus:

What is it I am saying, behind this iron gate?
What am I seeking among these hazy nights?
What is it I hunt for in this strange city?
Behind these impure walls?
One night, the breath will say, no more
and the breath will stop beating
A blind bird will open its wings
and will take my life with it as it flies away

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