Festival Year:
Director: Parsa "Mehdi" Chalani
Producer: Parsa "Mehdi" Chalani
Screenwriter: Parsa "Mehdi" Chalani

The documentary “Hamun” is a brief narrative of a great sorrow passing through the beautiful land of Iran’s Sistan. It explores the intricate relationship between water and the rise and fall of human civilizations. Water has long served as the linchpin for the genesis of numerous civilizations in this region of Iran, rendering its inhabitants among the most affluent in the land until recent decades. However, both the water and the prosperity it once bestowed have become scarce in recent times.
The narrator of this story is the wind and music, drawn from the depths of this land and resonating within the human soul. This narrator is universal, understandable by all humans, imparting deep sensory beauty and influence upon the audience.
With an aim to sound the alarm for environmental conservation, this documentary underscores that the destruction of the environment spells the demise of civilization and human history. “Hamun” has been honored as part of the 17th Iran Cinema Celebration and has garnered acclaim at thirteen international festivals.