Festival Year:
Director: Mahsa Samani
Producer: Mahsa Samani
Screenwriter: Mohammad Sadegh Golchin Arefi

Environmental issues such as drought and haze have always been a concern of mine. I have come to this conclusion that if we do nothing to counter these problems, the situation will get worse and we will grow unable to fix it.
I was first inspired by a photo of a dust-covered car my friend Sadegh (the writer) sent me. It was a proper raw material for the technique I wanted to test. This photo, combined with the environmental issues of Ahwaz City, formed the basis of our story.
We had a tremendous amount of problems fixing the dust on the car but finally decided to let the physical shape unfold itself and make room for some kind of improvisation. It was a full-filling experience due to the constant uncertainty I was facing from day 0 of pre-production to the last day of color correction.