Festival Year:
Director: Sahar Dehghan
Producer: Sahar Dehghan

Inspired by the world’s most important scientific phenomena since Galileo:
The collision of 2 dancing black holes and the collision of 2 neutron stars which gravitational waves detection amazed and united genius minds from each country to finally collaborate in peace as one planet, one body.
Giving an hommage to this phenomena could remind all of our isolated individual egos that we are all part of one body and a much greater whole, all made of the same particles as the entire universe, all dancing as one and whirling into one.

First part of this project: The successful live show in San Francisco of “Whirl Quantum Dance” with 1300 theater audience members did “set a new bar for the Iranian Performing Arts” as some positively critiqued. “The jaw dropping production and direction by Sahar Dehghan was unparalleled” For that project artistic director Sahar Dehghan studied at the CERN in Geneva with a nuclear physicist.

Now as a first time filmmaker she created in 2020 and 2021 the sequel as a short film, collaborating with internationally renowned astrophysicists and astronomy professors and dancing with her 13 year long dance partner Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam.
She directed a team, hands on, even designing the special effects honored to work with BUF company in Paris, the special effect makers of MATRIX, THOR, Cosmos, Independance Day and much more

The film has 10 international film awards and official selections as finalist.