Festival Year:
Director: Mehrnoush Alia
Producer: Mohammad Aghebati
Screenwriter: Mehrnoush Alia

A new driver at a ride hailing company has hit the rock bottom; he was fired from his job, his wife has left him, and he is behind on rent. On his third day on the job, he receives a request from a woman to deliver a dog. Knowing too well that having a dog in the car is against the Islamic law of land, he is reluctant to accept the ride, but is convinced after the woman claims that the dog belongs to a blind man. Several ordeals follow, until they finally arrive at their destination, where the driver realizes the dog is actually stuck in the middle of a divorce and is unwanted by the couple who previously owned him. Angry with the situation he is dragged into, he also abandons the dog. What ensues changes his perception of himself and his place in the world.Dog-centric/15 min/World Premiere/Iran/2021