Festival Year:
Director: Shabnam Adiban
Producer: Shabnam Adiban

This video showcases my illustrations created during the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement, inspired by Shervin Hajipour’s song “Baraye.”

I used digital illustration techniques within a note maker app, utilizing only one brush and a single layer due to the app’s limitations. I chose this app for its endless canvas, which allowed me to capture the vast and ongoing nature of the movement.

Vision and Goal:
As a woman and artist, I felt a profound need to contribute to the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement in any way I could. I began by creating posters and sharing them on social media, as well as printing them on shirts and signs for protests in Toronto.When I heard Shervin Hajipour’s song “Baraye,” I was deeply inspired. Each line of the powerful lyrics resonated with my experiences and observations. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I decided to draw the images the song brought to my mind and convert those feelings into my art. The endless format of my drawings symbolizes the countless reasons behind the movement, reflecting its ongoing and unyielding nature.