A Morsel Of Love

Festival Year:
Director: Helia Behrooz & Sana Norouzbaki
Producer: Helia Behrooz & Sana Norouzbaki
Screenwriter: Sana Norouzbaki & Helia Behrooz

An old man’s monotonous days are mostly spent on a house’s rooftop facing an old city. Until he hears a soft voice singing a folklore love song and curiously follows the sound…
The concept of agism and some self-imposing limitations based on that have been part of our culture for a long time. We filmed this project in the summer of 2021 in the traditional city of Isfahan. At the time most Iranians were denied access to the COVID vaccinations and many lives were being lost on daily bases. Sana & I decided to do some low or no-budget creative projects to lift up our spirits. Due to COVID, we were not granted access to film inside people’s homes, so we did a couple of projects that were all filmed outdoor, in the park, or on the rooftops. “A Morsel of Love” is one of those projects.